Advantages Of Mig Welding – 4 Reasons to Use Welding Machine

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A MIG welder is the most used welder machine because of its versatile use. You can use it for welding any type of metal with less hassles. It makes your welding materials strong and gives an aesthetically pleasing look after welding. Moreover, A beginner level welder can start welding with a MIG welder. Stick welder is also a cost-effective way of welding but requires high skills and experience. You will understand the importance of the MIG welder after knowing the advantages of mig welding described below.

Advantages Of Mig Welding - 4 Reasons to Use Welding Machine 1

Which Is Better Stick Or MIG Welding?

Both stick welders and MIG welders are the popular types of welders in the welding industry. Anyone who is looking for an effective way to join metals should use a MIG welder. Let’s compare these two types of welding based on some determinants that will facilitate your decision.


You need to use different electrodes for different metals in stick welding. So, you need to change the electrodes at the time of working that slower the welding process.

On the other hand, you can use gas for a long time at the time of working in MIG welding. Even a medium-sized gas tank can be used for 3 or 4 days in small manufacturing businesses.

Decision:  Win MIG Welding

Required skill

Welding with a Stick welder is a complicated process and requires a higher level of skill and experience to weld.

Decision: Win MIG welding

Outdoor Use

You can use a stick welder in any outdoor environment. You can use this welding even in the high-speed wind condition without any issue.

A slow wind can blow down the shielding gas and create a certain level of porosity. Although you can use MIG welder in windy conditions using a special type of welder blanket, it is very a hassle process.

Decision: Win Stick welding

We have seen that the MIG welder has won in various determining factors. So, we can say that in many cases, MIG welding is better than stick welding. But keep in mind that you can’t use MIG welders in artwork, joining thick metals.

Based on the process of using the welding machine, there are different types of MIG welder. You should know these types to choose the right type of welder for you. To know the types of MIG welder, click the following link.

Note: types of mig welders

Advantages Of MIG Welding

There are many advantages of mig welding over stick welding. I have discussed some of the advantages of mig welding here. I think these advantages are enough to understand the importance of MIG welding.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Regardless of the types of MIG welder, you will get strong joint and cleaner welding in any MIG Welder. It produces less spatter and slags that give the aesthetically pleasing of your welding. It only produces some extent of spatters when using flux core wire in MIG welder in windy conditions. You don’t need to clean the surrounding of the joints after welding with MIG Welder.

Quicker Welding

Just open the gas and turn on the machine to start welding. At the time of stick welding, you need to change the electrodes frequently that slowers the welding. As MIG welders use gas from the tank, you can weld for a long time without interruption.

More settings in welding

You can control the wire speed and heat at the time of welding with MIG Welding. A faster wire speed creates more spatter and less penetration that is suitable for the taller weld. On the other hand, a slower speed produces less spatter and deep penetration that gives perfect flatter welding. Moreover, you can turn down the heat to weld a thinner piece of metal. You can’t manipulate the welds at the time of welding with stick and TIG welders.

Convenient in a production setting

If you use a welding machine for hobby shops or small businesses, it gives more convenience to use. You can easily start, operate, and control the MIG welder.


You can control the speed and heat of the welder machine at the time of working in MIG welder. So, you can set a different level of amperage and speed for getting improved welding. You need to keep the different types of electrodes and change the electrodes to weld the material that is time-consuming and tough.

Ease of use

A beginner level welder can weld the material with a MIG welder. You don’t need to change the electrodes frequently. Just switch on the MIG welder and open the gas bottle to start welding.

How To Choose A MIG Welder?

MIG welder gives cleaner welding and more flexibility of welding. It’s is a versatile welder machine. You can weld any metal material such as stainless steel and aluminum just by changing the gas. You should consider the following things to choose the best welder machine.

Amperage and duty cycle

Which type of materials you can weld largely depend on the amperage and duty cycle. A MIG welder with high amperage and high duty cycle can weld thicker metal for a long time.


The correct electric outlets give better welding without overheating and short-circuit problems. Two types of voltages, such as 220 volts and 110 voltages, are used in the MIG welder. A MIG welder with 110 volts suitable to hobby shops and household-related work. You can plug it into the household outlet. You need a more powerful 220 voltage for industrial work and heavy materials.

Spool Gun

A spool gun helps to weld aluminum effectively and cleanly. Aluminum becomes tangled at the time of feeding with wire feed spool. A spool gun attached with a torch handle feeds the aluminum wire directly.

The process of handling short-circuiting

If the welder machine can’t handle the short-circuiting effectively, it creates a great amount of spatter that ruins the welding process. A good welder machine modifies the electrical current effectively before short-circuit. It also prevents spatter and conflicts with the weld pool.

Thermal Overload Protection

A high amperage welder machine becomes overheated at the time of working and causes some heat problems. Thermal overload protection protects welders from overheating and spatters. It creates a harsh sound in the case of using glitches before.

We have categorized the mig welder machines based on the price. If you want to buy a MIG welder machine, you can visit the following link.

Note: best mig welder under 300

Frequently Asked Questions

It varies from welders to welders. People use welders at different speed and heat. A welder with 200A uses 4.6 watts in general.

Can a mig welder be used as a plasma cutter?

If the current supply of your area is constant, you can use a plasma cutter. It also requires a specialized arc starting circuit to strick an arc between the metals and electrodes.

Is it possible to weld aluminum with a MIG welder without gas?

Aluminum reacts with oxygen at the time of welding. The general shielding gas can’t make aluminum joints strong. So, you need to use argon shielding gas to strengthen the joints. But you can use inert tungsten gas for better welding of aluminum.

Final Thought

Although there are some problems working in windy conditions, MIG welder gives a flexible and quality welding experience. We have described the advantages of MIG welding, and we hope you got a clear view ofYou should choose the MIG welder depending on the purposes of the uses, frequency of the usage, and types of materials to be welded. It is popular because a welder with little experience can easily operate this welder.

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