How To Become A Certified Welder in 6 Steps!

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Leaving college degrees aside, one of the professions that offer to earn a good amount of money is welding. Moreover, a quick earned certification in welding can increase the value by at least 50 percent.

As the career explorer reports show, the growth rate of the welding profession has increased 6% from 2016 to 2026. Almost 83 percent of this profession takes welding as their full-time job. It seems like welding is nothing less than other significant professions Americans are involved in.

Anyway, several institutions provide welding certification under the authority of AWS(American Welding Society) on different categories. Likely, a certified welder can earn up to $63000 when others, on average, earn around $45000. The further discussion below will help you out by answering all the questions related to your query of how to become a certified welder.

Who Can Certify A Welder?

Certification becomes a must requirement as it is impossible to justify every welder practically within a short time. As you already know, hundreds of technical institutions provide certification in welding, but the core authority to justify the certificates is AWS(American Welding Society). Besides, other valuable certifications are also provided by well-known employers, also known as employer certification. Both the certifications increase the value of a welder in the market.

Who Can Certify A Welder?

What Does A Welder Do?

The field of welding is broad enough. From making buildings to spacecraft, the need for welders is everywhere. So, the job description of the welder will be one that may be enough to wrap a 14-inch pizza. So don’t worry, here a shortlist of the basic responsibilities of a welder.

What Does A Welder Do?

  • A welder joints different kinds of metals using heat with the help of a welding machine.
  • Knows about all the uses of the welding
  • Follows the design blueprints provided by the engineers.
  • Uses of the proper method of welding depending on the object he is working on.
  • Keeps knowledge about all the nuts and bolts of machineries that relates to welding.
  • Can work on harsh weather situations and handle heavy workloads.
  • Ensures proper safety when handling the high-end tools.

How To Become A Certified Welder?

Certification on a high-end task like welding is not that handy. You need to be serious and passionate enough to become a certified welder. Here the steps we have organized will help you fix your goals to become a certified welder.

How To Become A Certified Welder?

Step 1: Make Your Mind

The first thing before you start your journey in order to become a certified welder is making your mind with a natural urge. Likely, welding is hardcore and mainstream job. This job requires your physical strength, teamwork capability, commitment, quick adaptability, and passion. So, before you make the run, get yourself prepared with your best.

Step 2: Select Your Course

AWS(American Welding Society) offers different types of courses and certifications on welding, Like Certified Welder (CW), Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI), Certified Welding Educator (CWE), and Certified Welding Sales Representative (CWSR). You can’t take it all at a time. However, the basic certification is the Certified Welder (CW) that costs $35. Try to take this introductory course first and forward to the next step.

Step 3: Achieve Practical Experience

Once you get your basic certification, look for jobs in the minor companies that will enrich your practical knowledge on the field and ensure extra income to afford your study and living expenses.

Step 4: Be Adaptable

Don’t stop learning when doing some side jobs. The side job is not the main thing which should be the goal. The goal of the job will be earning and learning. So, adapt the knowledge as fast as possible, which you can apply to your professional work field.

Step 5: Employer Certification

After getting enough knowledge, the mission will be to find a job as a welder in an established company. The certification you will get from the known employer will enrich your evaluation in the job market. Apply all your gathered knowledge from the side job to get the best feedback from the employer.

Step 6: Keep Your Journey Going

There is never an end to the field of learning. Keep in mind, the journey of becoming a certified welder is way far. Besides the job, keep completing other courses by the AWS. Also, remember to gather more employer certification along with institutional certification.

Keep Your Journey Going

Is A Welding Certificate Worth It?

Almost every large field related to the industrial working needs welders, from building skyscrapers to space crafts and maintaining factory machinery. The demand for a worker is everywhere. An average welder earns $17.90 per hour, as it shows on the survey of Indeed. This remuneration gets almost two times higher when you earn a valid certification. Here’s a chart of the top five states that paying the highest salary to the welders.

State Avg. Salary
Alaska $63,370
Louisiana $51,660
Washington $51,300
Kentucky $48,370
Massachusetts $48,220

As you can see from the chart, the earning by welding is not a negligible matter. But this will only be possible when you are a certified welder. From this point of view, the welding certificate is absolutely a worthy one if you want a handsome profession, the demand of which is never low. Even if you lose your job; you can earn your living by working individually.

In brief, all the related information you will need as the answer to How To Become A Certified Welder you have found already. To be more specific, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are without proper certification.

Your practical knowledge may help you use the 110v MIG welder for the money but will not help you get the expected salary. However, no schools we have mentioned as best for welding courses, but you can choose one from the New England Institute Of Technology suggestions.

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