Is Flux Core Welding Any Good? Learn Basic Welding Techniques 2021

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Welding is the art of joining metals and plays a major role in most big industries in manufacturing and construction. If you’re a beginner in welding, there can be confusion between different welding methods. Some of the welding methods are easier to start with and do a great job at various applications. The flux core welding method is one of the most popular welding solutions and probably the easiest to learn.

It doesn’t use gas for shielding the weld, which makes it a go-to option for a multitude of operations. You need less gear to work with this welding method, and there is a lot less hassle with it than some other high-end methods. If you’re wondering, is flux core welding any good and the advantages of starting with flux-core welding, stick to the article for a proper guideline.

Is Flux Core Welding Any Good?

There are many reasons you should try flux core welding if you’re starting with welding. Here are some facts and knowledge about flux core welding that can help you understand the process and know its advantages:


Understand flux core welding

Flux core welding stands for its name as it contains a flux inside the electrode, which works to protect the poodle. You may also hear the term Gasless MIG welding, which uses no gas to protect the weld. However, welding machines can work with both MIG and flux core welding as well. With flux core welding, you will use a welding machine with a wire spool to feed a consumable wire through a welding gun.

You will run the gun on the joining area to melt on the piece, heat the base, and joint them together. When the electrode melts on the base, the flux inside the wire will create a gas cover around the weld and protect it from oxidation. You can use different wires to different kinds of base metal you’re working on, such as stainless steel, mild steel, etc.

Wide range of applications

Now that you know how the flux core welding method works, you must know what applications you can use it for. Knowing what type of applications it’s applicable helps you decide if you should start practicing the method or not. With the flux core welding method, you can do any general repair jobs and do all types of pipelines welding. It’s capable of helping you with underwater welding and shipbuilding, which are extremely crucial. Flux core welding is also a widely practiced method in the manufacturing industry where clean welding is mandatory.

Clean and simple

One of the best things about flux core welding is the cleanliness of the method that can help you land some easy yet clean weld. However, it won’t be practical to claim that the flux core welding method can give you a weld as clean as the Gas-shielded MIG welding. It will produce slag to chip off later, but the amount is somewhere better than other self-shielded methods for sure. It usually doesn’t produce spatter except some very complex material; so, you’re not in fear of messing it up.

Easy to learn

When it comes to the welding methods that are fairly easier to learn, the flux core welding method will come in the first line. It’s one of the easiest welding methods to learn for the beginners, which takes only a few hours to master. The reason behind the less learning curves is the process has fewer complex procedures to master. All you have to understand is how you move the gun, which electricity/wire settings to use, and the feeding speed for different workpieces.

Less expensive

The flux core welding method is far less expensive than the cheapest welding methods when consumables are a concern. With the Gas-shielded MIG welding, you have to use an external supply of gas along with a gas cylinder. Combining with the cart and rack, a MIG welder may cost you a hefty amount compared to the flux core welding method. However, with the flux core welding, you are spared from using any other components for shielding the weld. The electrode itself will keep your weld safe and sound, but that comes with a tool, and that’s the chipping later.

Advantages Of Flux Core Welding

The flux core welding method is one of the most popular welding methods that any beginner will love to work with. Here are the reasons why is flux core welding any good and the advantages you will get from the method:

  • Flexible: Flux core welding method is the most flexible welding method because it can work in any direction; vertical, horizontal, flat, overhead, forehand, etc.
  • Versatile and hearty: Flux core welding is way more versatile than other welding methods, and it works on metal with rust, dust, or dirt as well.
  • Easy to move: Flux core welding is the most popular because of its mobility; you can take it anywhere as a side bag and start welding right away.
  • Low skill level: Flux core welding method requires a very low skill level to work with. You need less experience to master the process and get on with it.
  • Faster: Flux core welding method has a way faster welding process compared to other welding methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about flux core welding and its advantages that you might find interesting to know about:

Is flux core welding hard?

No. Flux core welding is one of the easiest welding methods to learn for beginners and has easy control. All you have to know is the current settings and the angles you’re going to hold the gun.

Can you weld stainless steel with flux core?

Yes, you can weld stainless steel using the flux core welding method pretty easily. However, you must make sure that you’re using a stainless steel consumable electrode while welding.

Can flux core weld galvanize?

Galvanized metals usually cause porosity and cause bad welds because of zinc and other things. With flux core welder, its scavengers will get you a better result; but be sure to pull instead of pushing the gun.

Is flux core welding the same as MIG welding?

Flux core welding is different from MIG. It uses a consumable electrode that is hollow inside and contains flux to protect the weld. MIG welding uses a gas shield to protect the molten weld.

Final Thought

Welding with different welding methods can be challenging, especially because there are pros and cons for any welding method. When beginners are concerned, the flux core welding method is one of the most popular methods available. It can work in a variety of metal types and also can work in different working environments and situations. That’s why I can suggest this method if you’re asking why is flux core welding any good.

If you ask if it’s worth using flux core welding regularly, I can still tell you that it would be a great method to start your career. You can continue working with it and build a welding career, especially if you’re planning to get a welding job in the manufacturing industry. It’s also the best option for the hobbyists and DIYers as it has a very competitive cost range for the consumables.

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