Different Types Of Mig Welders: 4 MIG Welding Tips 2021

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Mig welders are great welder machines to weld the materials efficiently and quickly. You need to take low maintenance because it produces less spatters and slags. Although you have to carry a heavy gas-tank at the time of going for welding, it gives better welding with less cost. Based on the user’s purpose of usage, the manufacturers designed different types of mig welders. Let’s know about the types, advantages, and disadvantages of MIG welders.

Different Types Of Mig Welders: 4 MIG Welding Tips 2021 1

Types Of Mig Welders

Understanding the types of MIG welders will help you to choose the right type of mig welder. Mig welder is the most popular type of welder in the welding industry. It gives improved welding experience than other types of welding machines. Based on the ways welding, MIG welders again has been classified into 4 types.

  1. Short Circuit Transfer
  2. Globular Transfer
  3. Spray Transfer
  4. Pulsed spray transfer

Short Circuit Transfer MIG Welder

In this type of mig welder, the electricity passes through the gun to create a short circuit. It joins the workpieces by creating a puddle on the metal surface.  The welders melt the welding wire and drip on the surface of the joint. As short circuit transfer require minimum carbon dioxide shielding gas at the time of welding, it is a very cost-efficient process of welding.

Globular transfer MIG Welder

Argon shielding gas and high voltage are used in a globular transfer MIG welder. The wire of this type of MIG welder melts down and drips onto the joint slowly. It produces some extent of spatter that creates problems in the time of welding.

Spray Transfer MIG Welders

Spray transfer MIG welder creates a clean arc between the material and gun. This clean arc is created by combining argon shielded gas ( 15% of carbon dioxide) and high voltage. At the time of welding, it makes a hissing sound. As you have to use high argon gas, it is more expensive than other types of MIG welder.

Pulsed Spray Transfer MIG welder

Instead of giving a steady flow voltage, this type of MIG welder pulses the voltage to weld materials. Pulsed spray transfer MIG welders don’t require high voltage and have greater flexibility to weld the materials efficiently. As you can weld from any position, it gives better performance and finishing of the welding.

Welders also have classified  MIG Welder based on the following ways.

Self Shielding MIG Welder

Self Shielding MIg Welder is known as a gasless MIG welder. As it does not use gas from a cylinder, it is called gasless. At the time of welding, arc melts melt the flux core wire and produces a gas shield. A weld pool is used to protecting the welding from the oxygen. It also uses a tube of metal with a flux core.

Wire Feed MIG Welder

Wire feed MIG welder is a semi-automated welding process that uses flux core wire. Generally, a MIG welder uses gas to weld the materials, but in a windy outdoor environment, it is taught to weld. Then the welder uses flux wire to weld.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Using A Mig Welder

Advantages of Using a MIG Welder

  • Speedy Welding

The welding with the MIG welder is quicker than other TIG welders and stick welders. Start your welding task, just turning your machine on and opening the gas. A stick welder is also a quick way to start welding, but it takes more time to complete welding because of interchanging electrodes. Major car companies and fab shops use MIG welder for its speedy feature.

  • Cleaner Weld

A MIG welder produces a fairly cleaner weld than other welders. Stick welders create slag on the pieces of the material and look dirty. After MIG welding, it looks clean because it produces less spatter and slags.

  • More ways to control the welder

You will get more ways to control the setting to manipulate welds. You also can turn down wire speed to produce more of a spray arch. Two popular ways to control the welders are wire speed and amperage(Heat).

These are some of the main advantages of MIG welder. To read more advantages of MIG welder, you can click the following link.

Note: Advantages of MIG welding

Disadvantages of Using a MIG Welder

  • Less Portability

As it requires a tank of welding gas and a roll of wire, it is less portable than other types of welders. You need to use a cart to carry the machine. A normal tank of welding gas is very heavy.

  • Loss of Gas

It is tough to weld at the time of the windy environment and lose gas. You also see a bunch of pinholes in the pieces of the welding and break the joints easily. You can get rid of windy problem using a welder blanket

  • Cleaning the welder hassle

Though the MIG welders give cleaning welding, it is tough to clean the machine. The nozzle of the MIG welder filled with spatter after using the machine. The liner of the welder also seizes with weld dust. You should clean the nozzle regularly to get rid of the spatter problems. You also should use the tip dip after cleaning the weld nozzle.

How To Choose A Mig Welder?

Mig welder gives the cleanest welding of the welding materials. You can quickly weld the materials in various ways with more setting options. Choosing a mig welder is a tough task because we don’t know the most important features to focus on. Let’s see some features that you must focus on at the time of choosing a MIG Welder.

A spool gun and capability of a spool gun

You must need a spool gun to weld aluminum. If you use a wire feed spool, aluminum materials tend to get tangled. A spool gun feeds the aluminum filler wire directly into the gun. The capability of the spool gun ensures the excellent welding of aluminum.

The ways of handling short-circuiting

A sudden short-circuit causes spatter and ruin the welding. If the welders can modify the electrical current of the short-circuit, the welder machine will create less spatter. A good MIG welder also interferences with the weld pool.

Thermal Overload Protection

Thermal overload protection is also a major factor in the time of choosing a MIG welder. It prevents the MIG welder machine from being overheated. If you use glitches in the past,  thermal overload protection will create harsh noise.

If you focus on these factors, you can choose the best MIG welder for you regardless of the brand. Keeping these factors as a priority, we have reviewed some best MIG welder under 500; you choose from them. Click the following link to see our reviews.

Note: best mig welder under 500

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I weld aluminum with a MIG welder?

Aluminum is a tricky metal and requires more heat to weld.  You should use weld 14 gauge and heavier aluminum metal to get better welding by MIG welder. Argon shielding gas with a 20 to 30 flow rate is recommended for welding aluminum.

Is it possible to weld stainless with my MIG welder?

It is possible to weld stainless steel with a MIG welder. Argon shielding gas is good for welding any stainless steel.

Is flux core wire used at the time of  MIG welder?

You can use flux core wire even you have a gas tank attached in the MIG welder. In a windy outdoor environment, flux core wire gives better welding and penetration than the gas.

Final Thought

We have described the types of MIG welders in two different perspectives and hope you have selected the best type for your desired work.  Some disadvantages of the MIG welders can’t make this type of welder lees important. You can weld all kinds of metal in all conditions. Just use the different types of gas to weld different types of metals. You should choose the right type of MIG welder based on the type of materials you weld and the frequency of usage.

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